Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A bit behind, some odds and sods

Once again, I've failed to blog for a while. I haven't really had any inspiration to blog, as I haven't done much of anything. I've been feeling really down over the last few weeks, maybe it's a bit of S.A.D, but the days are getting longer, so I should be cheering up now, not getting gloomier. (I can't type that word without a picture of Eeyore popping into my head, everyone likes a manic depressive donkey right?)

Anyway, there was a highlight last week, when I came downstairs and opened the front curtains to see a sparrowhawk sat in the front garden eating the remains of a blackbird. 

The overwhelming response I got when I've shown people the photos I took was "poor blackbird" but I thought the sparrowhawk was beautiful, and it's the first time I've seen one so close. It just sat there under my front wall while people were strolling past on the pavement, probably wondering why there was a crazy women in a dressing gown clutching a camera... It finally flew off with the rest of it's breakfast when a noisy Argos van pulled up and spooked it, haven't seen it since. 

I've also tried out a recipe I found on this blog for beer bread. I don't actually like beer, I was mostly just curious to see what it was like. It seemed to turn out ok from the recipe:

It tasted really sweet while you chewed it, and left a beer aftertaste when you swallowed. Quite strange. I decided I definitely don't like beer though, so I don't think I'll be making that one again.
Lastly an update on the plants. The broad beans are now out in the greenhouse and doing ok, despite being quite leggy. I'm going to start off the remainder of that packet sometime in the next week and see how they go. The tomatoes however are not doing so well, they're in the porch as it's cooler than the rest of the house and I don't think they'd survive in the greenhouse yet (6 panes of glass missing). After the first re-potting about half of them just died. I may have to buy baby tom plants later in the year, depending on how the rest survive... I also need to go through the seed packets again and start some more things off, the peas may be ok to plant now for a start.

I'll try to get back to some kind of productivity anyway, wish me luck.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Baby plants

Well I'm a bit behind on blogging, haven't had the chance to do much at all over the last few days as I've been ill for a week and a half. I've had one of those 24 hours sickness bugs but at the same time caught a chest infection and the combination has had me in bed for about 3 days straight, and then useless for the rest of the time.  *sigh*

Anyway, I can give you an update on the seeds I planted, that were featured in the previous post. They started showing signs of life a week ago, and have now fully exploded.


The potatoes on the other hand, don't look a whole lot different to me at the moment, but they won't be planted out for a while yet, especially as we keep having snow!