Saturday, 12 December 2009

My current interests

So this is a record. A second post on a blog, I've never got this far before. *gives self sticker*

Right, in the first post I explained what a scanner and daybook are, and gave a bit of a bio for myself. Well done if you read it all, I'm not sure if I'll have an audience for this blog or who you'll be, so if the style is all over the place then forgive me.

This blog is hopefully going to become my Daybook. I tried having a notebook version but I didn't get past the first entry. I've never been able to keep a physical journal or diary, but I am fairly addicted to the internet, so I decided to have a blog instead. I'm less likely to come back and delete posts than I am to tear out notebook entries so this could actually work for me.

I'd like to point out at this stage that the book I was quoting in the first post, while being wonderful and explaining who I am and how I can cope, still sits unfinished next to my bed. I'm such a scanner I still haven't got around to finishing the book about being a scanner.... Anyway, this is my first real effort towards applying the system in that book, so I'll be picking it up again soon.

So what currently are my interests? I'm going to try and list all the interests I would like to pursue:
  1. Run my own business
  2. Become more involved in Wicca
  3. Crafts- knitting, crochet, making clothes, jewellery making (silver and beaded), xmas decorations, pyrography, drawing, fimo clay, wood carving
  4. D.I.Y- wallpaper, fix damp, board up under the stairs,
  5. Garden- Growing fruit and veg, fix the greenhouse
  6. Keep chickens
  7. Learn car maintenance
  8. Learn Japanese
  9. Play guitar
  10. Animation
  11. Pole dancing
  12. Finish some computer games
  13. Writing, e.g. NaNoWriMo
  14. Healthy cooking, including compiling a book of recipes I like to use
  15. Juicing, at least twice a year
  16. Travel the country in a live in van (preferably a VW camper)
  17. Photography
  18. Make my own rabbit hutch/chicken coop/wooden rat toys
  19. Learn about herbalism and wild food
  20. Web design
That's all I can think of for now, some are more current that others, some get returned to regularly while others take years to get back into. I lumped all the crafty ones in together because I thought it would be cheating to list them separately, some have only been read up on so far.

Useful sites:
43Things: You can keep a list of 43 things here that you want to accomplish, read how others did them and post how you achieved them too.

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