Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Chainmail from pull tabs - help me!

First off, Happy New Year to anyone reading this! We've made it to 2010, congratulations.

I want to show you a project I'm working towards, chainmail made from the pull tabs on drinks cans. This is the method I want to try: Instructables - Genuine-chainmaille-from-pop-tabs

I'm not sure exactly what it is I want to make (apart from chainmail) maybe a bag, maybe a costume, meh, it's the idea and the look of it that attracted me. I have a problem though, I hardly ever drink soft drinks (without alcohol in them anyway!) and I can't stand the taste of beer, bleurgh. So I've been relying on other people remembering to save them for me, which isn't working out too well so far. I've been collecting tabs for about 12 months now and this is all I've got:

It's a mixture of silver and gold in a couple of different styles of tab, I'm keeping them all till I decide what I want to make. I thought maybe the gold could be used to make an image or for decoration amongst the silver ones..... anyway.

In America people save these and sell them on ebay, but no ones does it in England, and I can't afford to ship them over. So I thought I'd write a blog about it on the off chance someone who drinks lots of cans wants to help me, or in case someone knows how I can get hold of them faster.

So if you can help or you want to help could you leave me a comment please? I'd be eternally grateful, you could possibly save them and post some and I'll reimburse the postage?*

*within reason, if you sent it from america with it's own first class seat I'm not going to obviously.

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