Thursday, 20 January 2011

Juicy weigh in

It's the final day of my juice week. Technically if you follow the plan in the 7lbs in 7 days book, you should juice on day 7 and have your first meal in the evening on day 8, but I'm cheating and having my first meal tonight on day 7. 

I've done the plan for the full 7 days twice before so it's not that I can't last that long, in fact I haven't been hungry once this week. The thing I've missed most is the act of cooking something. It's my excuse to have the kitchen to myself and have music blaring out of the ipod. So as soon as I've posted this and organised my playlist, I'm heading into the kitchen to cook up a storm. (Not that I'll be able to eat much, I always find the juice week seriously shrinks your appetite).

The worst part of the week is always the first 2 or 3 days when your body is going through a withdrawal of all the chemicals/sugar/caffeine in your normal diet. I went to bed early on day 1 with a massive headache and slept for 15 hours!

And now the weigh in. This should have been tomorrow morning too but I always like to see what weight I am before I start eating again. In the past I've found that as long as you are eating healthily you continue to lose weight during the week after the detox.

Please bear in mind I'm holding the camera while on the scales (it adds 10 pounds right? Ok, maybe not that much...).

Day 1: Friday 14th Jan:

12 stone 9 lbs

Day 7: Thursday 20th Jan:

11 stone 12 ½ lbs

Total lost: 10 ½ lbs

And as a reward this morning look what the postman bought:

It's the yarn for the crochet along!


  1. Well done Kezz. That is so fab, I bet you feel really great.

    Do you have to stick to a certain regime? or could I just use the recipes from his website and make it up as I go along. I have a juicer, but it hasn't seen much action over the last few months,

  2. If you wanted to do it to lose weight or to detox you should have a look at one of his books, libraries tend to have some of them. They get you in the right frame of mind which is a big part of sticking it out. Alternatively any juicing you do will be beneficial to your health

  3. I've just had a look through the recipies on the site and this is the main one I use from "7lbs in 7 days"

  4. I just finished a 30 day vegetarian/raw/juicing/fasting fest. I totally understand the wanting to reclaim your kitchen part. Glad you weren't hungry while you were going through it; I was FREAKING starving!

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  6. Kezz, you have really done very well... I am trying this juice thing, but I have to eat in the evening. I eat things like cook beans and cooked green plantain or sometime tuna and corn in the evening. beans gives protein and cooked green plantain gives iron.
    The other thing is that vegetable are very expensive in the market... people should be getting voucher if they wish to reduce weight. Junk foods are too cheap, while healthier foods are expensive.
    I am very determine to reduce my weight, but sometimes I feel hungry or missed my food. I think it will takes self discipline to be able to stick to a plan.