Saturday, 5 February 2011

Exciting news...

Hello everyone. Have those of you doing the crochet along started yet? I'm behind already, but I do have a good excuse. 

I've booked the date for my wedding!

I've been with my partner for 7 years this month, and we've been engaged for almost 6 of those years! With one thing after another we just haven't got around to having a wedding yet, so we've decided to go for it this year and just over a week ago we booked a date for June. Apparently by wedding standards this leaves me at least 6 months behind in the planning department, but never fear, it will get done! 

I've gone for a registry office as I don't see the point of pretending to be a Christian just to book a pretty church. I have picked a dress today, and now we just need a reception venue, bridesmaid dresses, groom and best man suits, buffet plan, decorations, invites, photographer...etc....... 

We'll manage somehow.

By the way, >this< is the best wedding cake I've seen so far. Sadly doesn't fit in with our wedding, but what an awesome cake! If you don't recognise it have a look here.


  1. Congratulations Kezz, that's great. Me and the hubby planned ours really quickly too, I think we had about 6 weeks to sort it out, but it was all right on the night as they say. I'm loking forward to reading more about your progress soon. Big Mumma Troll hugs to you.xxxxx

  2. Congratulations- I love weddings, we were engaged after 5 weeks of knowing each other so the 6 months we had to plan the wedding was positively slooow...taking more than 6 months means over planning IMHO.. have fun!