Tuesday, 17 August 2010

D.I.Y and rude veg

Yesterday I put up a shelf in the kitchen. It's blog worthy because like most things I do I made it up as I went along. The shelf was found with a bunch of others up the loft when we emptied it a few weeks ago, the brackets were about 60p each and the screws and wall plugs were conveniently already in the tool box. I don't own a spirit level so I balanced a measuring jug with some water in on the shelf with one hand while I drew under it with a pencil. I marked the screw holes with the pencil through the brackets. Luckily I estimated the electrics correctly and managed to avoid death and electricians bills. The shelf is now housing my cookbook, scales, flour, and alcohol. It looks straight to me, which is good enough.

I'm going to put another shelf over the draining board when I get some more brackets. At the moment a clock lives there that always ran five minutes slow no matter which batteries it had, it's now showing an entirely different time zone so it's going in favour of useful surface space. I salvaged a clothes rail from a broken wardrobe in the garage so that's going under the next shelf for towels.

I've also been harvesting more carrots from the garden, and the first of the potatoes, although I didn't water them enough to get an impressive size. I often give my dogs some fruit or veg instead of dog treats so now every time I pull some carrots they assume they're getting some.

Last but not least, my very first rude vegetable. Pulled up on sunday and photographed for my amusement, and now yours!


  1. I am unbelivably impressed, first for the shelf (I once tried to hang pictures....well lets just say there was glass everywhere!!!) and secondly for the fully formed carrot genitalia...LOVE IT!!!

  2. I'm very impressed with your rude carrot - dissapointingly none of my home grown veg has come out rude yet!

  3. soft porn combined with handyman and/woman tips ..goodness. i'll have to follow this blog, good one.