Monday, 23 August 2010

25 is a magic number...

... Well ok maybe it's not, I don't know. According to Wikipedia it's also a Cullen number, I don't know what a Cullen number is but it makes my inner twihard happy.

I try to blog about once a week, not always successfully, but my slightly OCD tendencies feel happy when the archive for each month has at least 4 posts in it. What I do more often than writing my blog is reading other people's blogs. Recently Mumma Troll posted 25 things about herself, and Susie from Useless Beauty joined in and posted 25 things too. I decided to join in, I just gained my 25th follower over the weekend so it seems appropriate. Hope it doesn't drive anyone away....

25 things you possibly didn't want to know about me:

  1. I never got any taller after I hit 13 years old.
  2. I still have a pair of trousers from when I was 13 that I was "going to grow into", I still wear them on nights out.
  3. I get obsessed with books and films and watch/read them over and over till it passes. Some examples are Harry Potter, the first Matrix film, The Lord of the Rings films, and most recently Twilight.
  4. Quite often I will love a book while disliking the author. E.g. JK's obsession with suing people even though her books have blatant rip offs in them too. 
  5. I once tried to make fudge without having the proper cooking equipment and burnt my hand, I haven't tried anything involving heating up sugar since.
  6. My favourite alcohol currently is Jack Daniels.
  7. I can't get drunk on peach schnapps no matter how hard I try.
  8. I have a slight phobia of phones. I hate answering the phone and if I need to call someone I don't know and I can't get someone else to do it I will put it off for ages and then I need to write a script before I dial.
  9. I hate bananas, a lot.
  10. I don't iron my clothes, I hang them up while they're wet and let gravity do it for me.
  11. The most expensive piece of clothing I own is an Emily Strange hoodie that cost me £75.
  12. I think my style could sometimes be described as "hippy goth". I like gothic stuff, and rainbow coloured stuff, and tye-dye.
  13. I eat jaffa cakes the same way every time. I nibble round the orange bit, eat all the sponge from the underneath, peel the last of the chocolate off the top then eat the orange part last.
  14. I bite my nails because I used to copy my dad when he did it, now it's a habit.
  15. I used to talk to my granddad all the time when I was little, I never met him, he passed away two years before I was born.
  16. I loved the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a child, I used to write to them and post the letters in the sewer grates.
  17. I'd love to rent my house out, buy a van, and just drive around the UK for at least a year.
  18. I hardly ever wear make-up, I only recently figured out how to put it on properly.
  19. I always got good marks on exams, I sometimes wonder how far I could have gone if I'd actually revised for them and put more effort in.
  20. I'm not very good at numbers, and I never learned my times tables, not one teacher noticed this.
  21. I'm allergic to pollen, cats, rabbits, rats, dust, and banana flavoured children's medicine.
  22. I want to get a tattoo I just haven't found an image I'd want to wear forever yet.
  23. I panicked a bit at turning 20 and leaving teen behind. That's how I got my first piercing (the top of my left ear).
  24. I've always felt under pressure to do well and have some fantastic career, when what I really want to do is have a family.
  25. I really want to try past life regression and see if I've been here before, but I don't want to get ripped off and I don't trust a stranger to hypnotise me.

So that's 25 things, hope it wasn't too boring, throw me a link in the comments section if you keep the 25 things going.


  1. Ahh, what have I started.I love your list Kezz, especially number 2. I had trousers for years that I was going to fit back into. I think they eventually went out when I was 28 or there abouts.

  2. Emma (Minimummy)8/24/2010 9:15 pm

    Hehe LOVE Twilight, HATE phones, crap at maths :S Snap, snap and, erm...snap!

  3. I am suprised how many if those things I actually knew about you lol I am obsessive about books and films it drives everyone mad, I find it comforting.
    Thats 3 posts 22 more to go people!!!!

  4. Rightio, you make me feel old (thirty next month but still waiting for the crisis which is apparently inevitable)! A lot of the things in your list used to be true for me but no longer!25 was a special number for me- I had a bit of a crisis then as my mum was 25 when she had me, the week after I turned 25 I met my husband and by 26 had first bubby!.. it may happen to you!
    Better go start work on my 25 things as I have enjoyed the others so much!