Monday, 7 March 2011

Who needs men anyway?

I'm just taking a break, and a well deserved cup of tea, as I write this. 

I live in a fairly basic two up two down house, we have a front bedroom and a back bedroom. The front room used to be my mum's and the back one has mostly been mine since I was little. After mum passed away I didn't particularly want to change rooms, and as we've moved things around in the house inevitably stuff has been moved into the front room "out of the way" and then abandoned. 

I've finally decided I'm ready to move into the "grown-up" bedroom at the front of the house, and over the weekend I carted the 20 million bags and boxes out of the front room and into the back one, and got the bed set up in there. My boyfriend would have helped of course, but he was struck down with suspected food poisoning just in time to avoid it all. He's fine now, and has been out on a maths course today, so naturally I decided to drag the wardrobe into the front room while he was out. 

This is the wardrobe, solid wood. It can be taken apart but since I built the damn thing 3 or 4 years ago I really didn't want to do that all over again.

I found I could get it to move if I moved it side to side and pulled. So I got it as far as the door pulling it and found the metal carpet grip across the door was too tall to pull it over. So I pushed it back a bit, squeezed through the gap to get behind it and managed to get it over the lip with a combination of pushing and rocking it back on one edge. 

Now I had to push it across the landing from inside the back room, which went fine till it hit the bookcase and got stuck. At this point I was wishing I'd bought my mobile phone with me, as I was now trapped in the bedroom. I couldn't get it any further forward, and I couldn't pull it back enough to get out without pulling it fully back in the room. Then inspiration struck, I pulled it back in enough to open the doors on either side, climbed inside the wardrobe and got out on the landing. I was slightly disappointed not to find Narnia.

From the landing I wiggled it and pulled it till I got the wardrobe past the bookcase. I had to stand in the bathroom doorway to push it through the front bedroom door. Again fighting with a metal carpet grip, and getting stuck. But finally I got the wardrobe to it's new home. 

I'm just glad I measured everything before I started!

Of course, the back room now looks like this.....

Baby steps, people, baby steps......

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  1. Bet you feel great with yourself! Last year one of my fiance's mates from work gave us 2 huge pine wardrobes for the kids rooms which sat in our landing for weeks while Tony "tried" to get some one to help him. Or rather until I lost the head one day and nearly killed myself moving them into the respective rooms. Saying that, the hardest part was not telling him what I'd done and waiting for him to see what I'd done - I felt like Goliaths baby sister then :o)