Saturday, 1 May 2010

Dog show

We found out yesterday that there was going to be a dog show today within easy walking distance of us. When we woke up to sunshine this morning we decided to go along and see how Darcy behaved there. He's just over 10 months now, and while he's not really bad, he does get over excited and bouncy, so we were anticipating getting there and coming straight home. However he's coped really well with all the other dogs and especially the parentless small children that were running everywhere.

The dog show was just a fun one, nothing serious, raising money for hearing dogs for deaf people. We entered 3 out of the 17 classes as we were unsure how Darcy would take the whole thing. In the end we got through the first round of 'most handsome boy', missed the second class altogether as we didn't hear it called, and the crowning achievement of the day was winning second place in 'waggiest tail'.

We were out for five hours altogether. Not a bad day considering it was all spur of the moment, Darcy's rosette has got pride of place on the fridge.

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