Wednesday, 19 May 2010

New arrival

I seem to have acquired another dog *looks innocent*

She's named Jess and she's a rescue from RACR like my Collie cross Darcy was. Last week I saw a request for someone to do the second half of a transport run, from my town to Chester. Since I don't trust my car to do that journey I offered to be an overnight stop for her instead. When I found out she was a (suspected) Collie cross German Shepherd, described as dog, child, and cat friendly but can be high energy, she sounded like Darcy's perfect companion. 

So the overnight stay turned into agreeing to foster her for the rescue. And if she fits in with us I'll probably adopt her so Darcy has a permanent friend. It's going ok so far, they get on fine. Now I just need to teach her the same manners Darcy has and walking will be a lot easier.

Could it be love?

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