Friday, 14 May 2010

How is the veg doing so far?

Sooooo, I've not actually got anything planted 'in' the garden yet. All my veg is either in pots/planters or still too small to leave the seedling pots. I have taken over nearly half the patio with my pots though:

I've still got 3 half egg boxes of seed potatoes I haven't found room/compost for yet. I may try putting them in the ground when I start digging it over (radical idea I know). My potato pots have multiplied since the last time you saw them:

The tomatoes are still struggling on. Mine look so pathetic a friendly relative has donated some of her spares. The sweetcorn (bought from B&Q) was very disappointing, I've only managed to get about 10 to germinate from the entire packet. I also have one butternut squash and some cabbages on the go (again, relatives donations). 


My peas and broad beans are ready to go in the ground, I just need to prepare a patch.

Unfortunately the garden is very much a neglected space. This is the area where I want the veg beds to be, next to the compost bins:

On the other side of the path you can hardly see is the area I want to keep chickens on should I ever get round to sorting it out:

Lastly some help of you don't mind? I have an old toilet sitting in the garden. It never made it to the tip for some reason and I'd like to plant something in it so it looks useful. Can anyone give me ideas of what I can plant in it that won't mind the lack of drainage (except the pipe from the u-bend)? Edible or otherwise.


  1. Do you like watercress?? some gravelly soil and I know a relative who can help with the seeds ;-)

  2. What for the toilet? I've only ever juiced watercress.....

  3. It's good for you full of iron and essential minerals, yes plant it in the top it likes dampish soil so it may go well in it? Nice in salad on pizza's loads of things, cheese on toast!

  4. I'm sorry but I have to suggest peas for the toilet... just for an awesomeness of 'irony'