Sunday, 14 February 2010

First seeds are in

Today I've planted my first seeds of the year into a windowsill propagator (£1.99 in B&M's bargain!). I braved the cold long enough to retrieve the seed compost from the broken greenhouse outside, but where I actually did today's sowing was the living room floor in front of the fire! I used newspaper to protect the carpet:


In the black plastic seedling trays in the right of the propagator are my three tomato varieties, Money Maker, Golden Nugget, and Gardner's Delight. Those were the last of the tomato seeds from last year, so I hope they're still alive. In the left side of the propagator I've stood toilet roll tubes with the bottoms folded to hold the compost, they've each got one broad bean planted in them. I prefer to start things like peas and beans in the card tubes, I find it easier to plant them out when they've grown with less disturbance that way.


I've also had 3 egg boxes (6 halves) full of seed potatoes sitting about to chit for the last couple of weeks. I decided to buy the variety Maris Piper, as it's the kind I buy from the supermarkets. It's a good all rounder, and I hate new potatoes so I'm not planting any. 
I can't plant anything else now until I've sorted out the greenhouse and found my other propagator and seedling pots, they're in there somewhere!


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  1. that reminds me - I must get my tomato seeds in soon