Wednesday, 7 July 2010

5 things I want to try...

I've been thinking, dangerous I know, and here's a list of things I want to have a go at soon:
  1. Making a circle skirt from a bedsheet, because I have a pile of unwanted bedding. Like this.
  2. Learning how to tie dye (to make number 1 more interesting). Like this.
  3. Making paper from newspapers/junkmail. I'm tentatively looking at wedding planning, and I was wondering if invitations could be truly handmade. Like this.
  4. Embroidery, because we cleared the loft out so it could be insulated and I found an embroidery hoop up there. I already have this book on it.
  5. Making a quiche from scratch. Because my partner likes quiche and his nan gave us some dishes for it. Like this.
Wish me luck. I'll post each one as I do them. 

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