Saturday, 10 July 2010

Carrots and blackcurrants

Yesterday I thinned the carrots out. Some actually look like carrots now, and some are microscopic still.

My favourite was this guy who looked like a pair of legs:

The largest ones I washed and nibbled on, they were carrot-y but I don't think they were quite ready to be eaten yet. I gave those to the dogs who don't care what they eat. The others went in the compost bin. I thought the foliage looked quite pretty though, so I put it in a vase. I don't have any flowers to add so it looks a little eccentric:

The dogs like it though!

I've also been picking blackcurrants off the bush at the bottom of the garden. It's been there for aaaaages and pretty much looks after itself. 

I found out that Jess likes blackcurrants too. As I was picking them off the tops of the branches she was eating the ones lower down! 

Got quite a few so I might attempt making jam....

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  1. Ooo not looked at my carrots yet! I have got permanently green thumb nails tho, from all the pea's I've been pod-ding! Emptied my first tub of potatoes today and got some beauties :-)